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All for the ladies....

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Okay, now this one is for the ladies... All the lady grind lovers there are feel free to join, and we can be accepting of ye who may love more than grind...show announcements, flyers we want all that stuff... all I ask is that there be no bashing, and if you must make a stupid comment, let it be known you realize its stupid. Otherwise, I'll have to drop yo asslike low rider ina Dr. Dre video... Thank you!
324, 625 thrashcore, 9 shocks terror, a days refrain, a life once lost, agathocles, agnostic front, agoraphobic nosebleed, american nightmare, anal blast, anal cunt, anti-cimex, assuck, bane, benumb, birdflesh, blood, bodies lay broken, bolt thrower, bongzilla, breakfast, brutal truth, burnt by the sun, cannibal corpse, carcass, cassettes, cause for effect, caustic christ, cephalic carnage, charles bronson, cianide, circle of dead children, circle pits, circle takes the square, combatwoundedveteran, comic books, converge, corrupted, creation is crucifixion, crestfallen, cripple bastards, crucial unit, cum christ, d-beat, d.i.y., dahmer, daughters, dead kennedys, deathgrind, denak, discharge, discordance axis, disrupt, don knotts, doom, driller killer, drogheda, dropdead, dystopia, employer employee, enemy soil, exhumed, extreme noise terror, facedowninshit, fastcore, final conflict, from ashes rise, fuck on the beach, fuck the facts, fuck... i'm dead, gauze, godstomper, gore beyond necropsy, gorilla biscuits, grindcore, haemorrhage, hardcore, hassan i sabbah, he who corrupts, hellchild, hellnation, hemdale, his hero is gone, hot cross, infest, internal bleeding, japanese hardcore, judge, kungfu rick, lack of interest, lip cream, man is the bastard, melt banana, mesrine, minor threat, misery, mosh pits, municipal waste, napalm death, nasum, nausea, negative approach, neil perry, neurosis, noise, nyctophobic, orchid, origin, pageninetynine, phobia, pig destroyer, powerviolence, punk, real reggae, repulsion, rotten sound, saetia, scholastic deth, screamo, septic death, sewn shut, sick of it all, side by side, slam dancing, slap a ham, slapshot, soilent green, spazz, swallowing shit, tapes, terror, terrorizer, testament, the now, the red chord, the ultimate warriors, thenumbertwelvelookslikeyou, thrash, throwdown, totalitar, toxic narcotic, tragedy, twodeadsluts onegoodfuck, unholy grave, vulgar pigeons, xlimpwristx, xpowerbuttx, yacopsae, youth defense league, youth of today